Pure CBD Pain-Relief with DMSO

Pure CBD Pain-Relief cream has two main compounds, CBD (a hemp derived Cannabinoid) and DMSO (Dymethyl Sulfoxide as the main carrier). Both compounds are known to help reduce pain and inflammation and speed up the body's natural healing process.

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Allow your body to begin healing itself.

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I've used Pure CBD Pain-Relief cream for sprains and on my neck & back after a long day and it takes the pain away. I've also noticed I sleep better when I put it on before bed. This stuff really works, it's incredible.

Mike Siegel

Fourth-Year Med Student

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I have two herniated discs from a car accident and this CBD Pain-Relief is working better than anything I've tried for alleviating chronic pain. Thank you so much for making life better!

Ann Hughes

Working Mom, Organic Health fan

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My daughter gave me this DMSO cream because I've been having problems with my replaced knee as well as the other knee. I'm 57 years old. This cream finally helped stop the pain and increased my range of motion.

Scott Jamsion

Pure CBD Customer

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CBD Pain-Relief helped my shoulder finally stop hurting. I work construction and haven't been pain-free at work in a long time. I recommend it for anyone in pain. My wife used it on her eczema and it went away. She loves it. This cream was really great for both of us!

Todd Rivera

Contruction Work

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I am working and in grad school and too busy to slow down. I hurt my elbow, it was getting worse until I tried this Pure CBD Pain-Relief. Just a little on my elbow made a huge difference. It's doing so much better. I ordered more. Thank you.

Catherine Treece

Grad Student, Office Coordinator

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I am a dentist and my neck gets sore working all day. Since I've used this CBD Pain-Relief cream with DMSO my neck is not bothering me at work. I can say with confidence this works better than anything I have tried. Get some and try it.

John Keaton


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"I have studied the cream for years, my findings are truly amazing! It is so amazing to find a cream that keeps me feeling young and my skin protected."

Dr. Zsolt, PhD. Hungary